To make a booking with me, please leave me a message in the Comments box below. I moderate all comments and your message won't be published. Please leave an email address or your Facebook URL (address) or Skype names so I can get back to you. Thank you.

My rate is $40 (US) for a "Session". A Session is around 60-90 minutes long and will speak directly to your particular circumstance. This might be some kind of emotional trauma you are working through, an important life decision you'd like outside guidance on, an auric field crystal healing for a physical ailment, an auric field crystal healing for a psychological-emotional ailment, relationship guidance, a message from somebody who has passed over (clairvoyance, audio-receptive, symbolism sensitive), a Tarot Card reading, general emotional support.

We might have direct contact with each other on Skype (or Zoom) or using Facebook messenger or gmail chat (for example), or we might simply communicate through emails and leave chat messages for each other. If circumstances don't allow (such as if you are in physical pain or you have young family commitments) I will do an "absent" healing, or guidance. In that case, I will happily record the Session on a YouTube video (marked "Private") so you can view the video at your convenience.

The Session might include an aura-crystal healing, a Tarot Card reading, a clairvoyant message from your loved one who has passed over, a past life regression, or "talk therapy" and tools you can use that will help you right now.

Included in the cost of the Session ($40) is up to two (2) shorter follow-ups to make sure you're doing ok. Sometimes what we see and hear can be a little traumatic...  Often we will be challenging assumptions during these sessions about our lives, our families, and the wider world around us... and "what reality is". I'm happy to support you after our appointment as well - "after care". Things that come out can potentially be very deep.

Please continue reading so you can find out more about the way I work, and what my personal philosophies and understandings are, around healing - both physical and mental-emotional.

Many thanks,

Pre-booking is essential.  This is especially important because I work with people in different time-zones all over the world - therefore, it might be 1am for me when you are free... It might take a little organizing for us to find a time together. If you want to have a face-to-face Skype (or Zoom) session with me, or chat through messenger or gmail chat for example, we need to set and confirm times. For people living locally to me in New Zealand (Waikato), I am happy for you to come to my home.

I don't need you with me to work with you.  The quantum field is a magical place that holds no restriction of time nor space.  Quantum physicists can watch matter that presents itself in several different places simultaneously... They can watch time go backwards in the quantum field... They can watch something happen yesterday which comes after a series of events (chronologically) that they will see tomorrow.

Nothing is as it seems.  In short -we are living in 'Wonderland'. There are no restrictions of time and space, no boundaries on thought, visualisation and creativity. I can work with you in this millisecond of time, directing my thought to your broken leg, or your broken heart, and you are receiving benefit - right in this moment of "time".

I am a clear visualizer. I know what "the field" is - I have seen it... and I am able to direct energy, and angelic intervention if needs be, to whatever the situation is that you have in your life. I will teach you to do the same.

Your healing is a co-creative experience. You receiving your healing is not a passive experience (generally).  I'm not going to "do it" for you. I am not going to "heal you". This is not possible... There is only One who has this power. I'm simply going to show you how to claim your healing for yourself. This will take a variety of forms - personalized for your particular situation.

The quantum field.  I am very well versed in how the quantum field behaves, and how Creator-Source and Star Beings manipulate matter by using the quantum field. The quantum field, "The Field", "Zero Point Field", "Resonance Unity Field", etc., is the super-highway upon which healing energies are sent. I will direct the meta-physical particles you need through the quantum field by using thought - the "Science of Imagery". I do this in co-creation with you and the angelic beings who are helping us.

Assistance from the other side.  There are many helpers "through the veil" who are helping you in your process of healing. These can be your passed loved ones - It can even be a pet. It can be a "spirit guide", a chief, a shaman, a healer of the past, who is here to help you through this particular challenge. It can be an angelic presence (pure spirit) who has never had a 3-D earth-bound incarnation. It can be members of your Star Family, such as the Arcturian star family who work with me.

God. Behind all of these, meaning, the energy that is being sent by all of these beings, is from That which we colloquially call "God" - the "White Spirit". It is That Presence who is with us, and is very benevolent and never judges us - no matter what we have done...  No matter what we have done! The essence of this Spirit is an expanded heart - love. This Presence is powerful, infinite, indescribable (so I won't even bother trying), eternal, all-knowing. This Presence knows you, inside and out. This Presence is the life-force that keeps all of your cells alive - this is why you are alive! So why would we not come to this Presence and ask for help? It simply makes sense.

This presence can do anything. Anything. The only thing that stops "anything" happening in our lives (as far as our healing is concerned) is our addiction to "logic" and our habitual tendency to base all future outcomes upon outcomes we have experienced in the past. That is not useful. As we come to healing, we need to let this tendency go...

We need to open and say: "The infinite is possible. The irrational happens all the time in the quantum field (which is where we work). The quantum field is a really weird place. Things are not what they seem." - Then you open your heart and mind, and receive.  "Ask and you shall receive."  Most of us ask, but then close the door in the postman's face, who stands there holding out the parcel to us. But we can't see him. We don't have the eyes to see nor the ears to hear. We are our very own worst enemy!

This is why I am here.  I will help you to become your most ultimate best friend as you access your healing, rather than your own worst enemy who keeps sabotaging your efforts. The process of change and healing can be long - or instant. Neither of us can predict the 'what' or the 'when'. We just have to go with the flow.

(1) I have done some healings where pain stops instantly, where agonising period pain deserving hospital attention (likely endometreosis) had lasted for 3 days. It completely disappeared after a 40 minutes' treatment with me. This was in a face-to-face contact.
(2) I did a healing for a man laid up on his bed for two months in desperate pain (testicular swelling and infection) which was being treated by a doctor with negligible success. He got up out of his bed and walked around pain free 3 days later!  He lives 4000 miles away from me.
(3) A grief healing I did with a woman was followed by a year of synchronicities and signs - the very signs i'd asked her to look out for, as instructed by her beloved who had passed over. A year later, she wrote to me so amazed at these synchronicities. She lives 7,000 miles away from me.
(4) A young man I met in person in 2010 had deep psychological and physiological brain function issues. He lives overseas. It has taken 6-7 years for him to receive the fullness of his healing (through no fault of his own) through talk therapy, with myself in Skype, and with a psychologist in his home city. A pharmaceutical medication was found which has helped him untangle his "wiring". The difficulties were significant. He now lives independently and earns a very good living in IT as a programmer. He lives 11,000 miles away from me.
(5) My own profound healing of a spiral fracture in my ankle in 1977 was instantaneous. I was very affirmative when I told God that I wanted to be healed. After receiving my healing (through a quiet spontaneous prayer during a Christian worship service going on all around me), I then stood up and walked with no pain. The healing, the visualization I did, all took under 10 minutes - a "miracle". Please see my story on "Biography" (coming soon).

Every healing will be different. I can't predict anything. 

It will be whatever it is.

Thank you for choosing to become your own best friend. I can help you to become this, more and more. I am very down-to-earth in my approach, and you will need to change very little about the way you live - no religious practices required, no special diet, no special exercises (by and large). You WILL be challenged however with the way you think - 100%.  This is where your healing begins - with a change in the way you perceive yourself and what the world is.

You are in a "fight" to get your mind back. You have been under delusion and illusion for too long. You have been prodded, poked, pummelled, been told what to do, told what to say, been given pills, potions, poisons, prescriptions, prayers to recite, visualizations written in a book that somebody else wrote - everything strict and "methodic" according to somebody else's rules and ordering, and not flowing with your own life-force/chi, nor with your own WILL.

Why do you think you are sick?  Your life-force has been stifled, so much so that you have forgotten Who you are. Your "essential self" is sitting all scrunched up in the corner, wondering if you are ever going to take notice of it. Your essential self wants to talk to you... and sadly, you can't hear.

This is Who we are now going to retrieve... The You that is without boundary, restriction, or rules. The You who is happy, free, can dance, talk, think, say, aspire to, whatever it wants.

How do I know what this process is? - because I had to make this journey myself. It took me 40 years. I am still working out a few remaining glitches (none are 'perfect') - but I made the passage from hell to sanity. I am your friend. I will help you. It is very likely that I know the path you are on... My life experiences are vast.

Try me.

Right now... Take my hand. We do this together. You are not alone.

Leave a message for me in Comments below.
I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


[Please note: I worked 3 years in adult mental health from 2011. I may be able to help you or your loved one with such difficulties, or refer you to people who can help you. This is a specialized area of health care. If the presentations are extreme (if you or your loved one are dangerous to themselves or others), please contact your local adult mental health service without hesitation. Thank you.]

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