19 August 2017

Cancer cured in 3 minutes.

Affirmative focused visualization. When we understand what the quantum field is and that the human pineal gland is "the observer" of the experiment (ref: the 'double slit' experiments in the 1930s), then "miracle" healings are no longer "miraculous". They then become "science". Our mind is able to manipulate the quantum field and bring about physical and psychological healing, through thought and affirmation - "the science of imagery" which is basically visualization on steroids. It's much, more more than just "positive thinking". It's not that. These technologies are something else. This is amazing stuff!

Video: Cancer Cured in 3 Minutes - Awesome Presentation 
by Gregg Braden

Published on Sep 2, 2013
Practitioners in a "medicineless hospital" in China visualize a perfectly functioning bladder for this woman. They say the mantra "Already happened".

"I will let go... and that will collapse it into a new possible outcome."


Super-positioning, or pre-positioning:  What the bleep do we know-Down the rabbit hole 3/16   

Published on Dec 29, 2007
What the bleep do we know-Down the rabbit hole.

Professor John Hagelin (PhD) : "At the basis of it all, life and the universe slips through your fingers and you come up with something that is increasingly abstract... increasingly abstract until you come to the realm of pure abstraction...  And that's what the unified field is - pure abstract potentional, pure abstract being, pure abstract self-aware consciousness..."

How To Manifest Rain

Published on Feb 26, 2013

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  1. Form and pure abstraction the Yin /Yang of it. Mother/Yin is all form and Father/Yang, the All Potential the Unformed. Pure abstraction/Field.


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