21 September 2017

Our body's cells are healing all the time

Your Cells Are Listening: How Talking To Your Body Can Help You Heal

"I have the ability to transcend even the darkest moments and predictions of what others believe about my body. We were put on this earth to transcend. Every cell in our body is constantly healing itself."  - Gregg Braden

I Can Do It! ~ Gregg Braden

August 14, 2013

Cell Biologist Bruce Lipton and Earth Scientist Gregg Braden combine their 70+ years of collective experience to bring you the exciting new discoveries, extraordinary implications, and profound meanings that change the way we've been led to think of ourselves in the past. This dynamic and entertaining duo reveals that the key to creating a better life and a thriving world lies in understanding Nature's fractal patterns. These patterns hold the key to life-affirming shifts that we can apply in our personal lives, as well as in the lives of our families, communities, and nations as we collectively face our evolution.

15 September 2017

"You own the day". Messages from The Source Field.


This morning I went onto my blog and how many views did I see? "Total pageviews: 2222" (very strange).  Every day lately, there has been a weird number synchronicity.  What's it all about?

This second image gives confirmation of the dates (you'll have to magnify your screen) ... It's September 15, 2017 here in New Zealand (Friday). This is the control panel at the back of my blog "I Am Healed". You can see all the dates and data on there.

The numerology on these numbers seen in the date is 1+5+9+2+1+7 = 25 = 7. This is my personal number. I am 7/7/7/7/7 - Yes. 5 of them!  It is the number of the Aquarian age - altruism, brotherly-sisterly love, high ideals. This is the Age we are moving into.


I'm now looking for hints to see what this #2222 might mean.

In context, the last post I published on this blog very late last night is entitled,

So maybe a great big fat "2222" is telling us:

"Oh hell yes! The Shift is definitely happening right now!"

Ok... Now i'm looking for more clues...

When I woke up this morning, as is my usual habit, I tuned into the Universe and asked what I need to know today or what I need to do today. The non-audio reply like a thought in my head today was: "You own the day."  That was interesting!

So maybe the Universe is telling me to - REALLY OWN MY DAY ... To be very focused in it... To be very creative and purposeful in it. I reflected on those words as I dragged myself from bed to the bathroom...

"How do I 'own' my day?"

The thought came back to me of people in more ancient times (without clocks) and how they might view their day...
"There is only this day. There will never be another one like it, and it will never again be repeated. Allow this day to 'develop' and have a distinct 'flavor' - a day not like any other days..."
Then I got the feeling that all days can be like this - distinct and beautiful empty canvases upon which we can create.


You see... We have been on the hampster wheel for so long. We have been living like automatons... like bio-robots, for so long, and we've forgotten the beauty of actually claiming our day, and making that day in itself a thing of beauty and pleasure.

I think we think things like beauty and pleasure are derived from what we do, create, see...  But perhaps beauty and pleasure (and so on) are always there, simply because we are in the day. ie: When we are present in our day, no matter what it brings (sadness, stress, irritation as well as wonder, delight, pride, etc...), then we have truly "Owned our day" and it becomes like no other.

It also occurs to me that "day" is a homophone of "Dei" (God) - which in Latin is the genitive (possessive case) which gives attribution to a noun. Mostly, it is translated as: "of" - or "belonging to". Therefore, "day" is "Dei" - of being in and with - "of God" [Dei] or "Godfulness". I like this very much.

So when we get up in the morning and begin our "day-Dei", we are actually waking into the state aka "The State" or "The Province" (country) of  "Dei" -  of Godfulness - which basically is the infinite Consciousness who exists in the limitlessness and profundity of the quantum field. This is pretty cool!


These thoughts reflect back very much into the teaching of Master Eckhart Tolle​ in The Power of Now​ when he shows us - "BE in the NOW. That is all there is."

I think these are all parts of the subtle meaning in what the Universe said to me today... "You own the day." Practice it. Be it.

Get off the treadmill of this global paradigm #DebtSlaves and remember:
You own the day. There will never be another one like it, and it will never again be repeated. It is very precious. When you are present in it, in "The Now" you fully embrace this gift: "day-Dei" (place or presence) of God - which is freely given to you. What a damn fine gift !!!

This awake moment when the light comes in through your eyes and you see form and color and have other sensory experiences through this 3-D vessel of ours (our bodies), this Country "of God" - or "Godfulness" (day-Dei) is the State you are invited to come and walk in - in a very conscious way. It's magical !!

#2222  "2222"

I hear... "You can do this 2222" in my ears, and I see ... (look at the 2s):

"Like swans on the water... gently and easily, 
you will glide into this way of BEing."

Of course, it comes with practice.

It's your turn now... Tomorrow when you wake up, do the same as me. Reach out with your mind into the Universe... "Tell me what I need to know", then listen to what comes back to you. Feel free to share what you experienced in comments along with what you think the meanings are.

Enjoy...  Your Dei !!

Love from BronnyNZ


14 September 2017

Kryon explains "The Shift". It is happening right now.

Kryon Explains How Profound Changes Happen When You Project Unconditional Love and Compassion

Published on Sep 13, 2017 by ModernGalaxy

This channeling from Kryon explains why changes happen when an old soul extends unconditional love and compassion to Humanity and the Universe. Lightworkers must always be in total control of their thoughts and emotions.

Anchorage, Alaska Sunday - Aug 7th, 2016

Kryon Discusses New Abilities Lightworkers Can Access Right Now

Published on Sep 8, 2017 by ModernGalaxy

Kryon describes new tools and abilities that are available for you to apply to your life right now. Drop everything you think you know, forget the things you've tried and decided didn't work and give yourself a new outlook on what you can and cant do. The time is now! 

Portland, Oregon Saturday & Sunday - July 23, 2016

12 September 2017

Miracle. Fractured ankle healed in under 10 minutes.

It was a miracle. I had been healed! Instantaneously, in under 10 minutes from when I first prayed - I was healed !!  BronnyNZ, 1977.

Spiral fracture healed in 1977

True story. Matamata, New Zealand.

In 1977, I had a miraculous healing happen to a fractured bone in my leg. The fracture happened only a couple of weeks before Christmas (summer time). I was part of a youth group, and as an end-of-year break-up, we were off to camp for the weekend - Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon.

I was aged 16 years (a short skinny little kid) and my best friend Sonja was a year younger than me. We were a couple of adventurous and quite athletic young girls. As we drove down the long winding driveway to the campsite, the first thing we noticed near the expansive lawns outside the main meeting hall was the flying fox. Sonja was more of a tomboy than me, and she immediately dared me to go on it. I wasn't going to let my best bud imply she was "better" than me, so of course I said, "Ok."

It was a very steep flying fox. You basically had to climb a cliff-face to get to the jump-off point. This was in the New Zealand bush with large native forest trees growing all around. At the very far end, across the grass away in the distance, was a very tall post that stood high up out of the ground. It had the thick wire cable of descent attached. We'd already noticed another rope that hung off the cable, so we tied this back against the post and out of the way. It was the sort of flying fox that you sit on, not stand on. Once you were sitting, it was fairly impossible to get off.

Back in 1977, there wasn't any attention paid to safety gear at such youth camps, so safety issues didn't come to mind at all. We were a couple of pretty invincible young girls and both had a lot of confidence in ourselves. I went first, as i'd promised my friend Sonja I would. I straddled the wooden plank that served as a seat, grabbed a hold of the bar over my head, teetered a little (instinct is a great thing - always listen to it), and off I went.

My butt bounced off a huge gnarly tree root sticking out of the bank as soon as my feet left the ground. That didn't bode well... What else could possibly go wrong? That left a huge bruise on my rump for months to come, that went through the whole range of colors - black, purple, blue, even green! and finally yellow. It hurt!

Down, down, down I went...  really fast !!  I got around half way down the cable then the horrible realization came to me: "This thing isn't going to stop!"

The end post was approaching really fast. As I was sitting with my knees bent and bare feet facing the ground, I knew I had to act fast! What did I want crushed the least?  It was very clear that I was going to hit the huge wooden pole at the other end. Nothing was going to stop that inevitable fact. What was I prepared to "sacrifice"?  - My knees, or my feet?  So I put my feet out, straight ahead!

I had saved my knees... But the pain in my left ankle  ran up and down my whole leg and into my brain. It was excruciating !!!  I knew in that moment the stupidity of what I had done and started crying out in laughter and pain all at the same time, with tears pouring down my smiling face.

The youth leaders and the caretaker of the park came rushing out of the meeting hall at a pace!  I was still sitting on the flying fox seat. I had recoiled back along the cable around 10 feet or so, because of my foot's impact against the pole. Yeeoow! The youth leaders got me off the flying fox, not really sure what was going on since I was laughing as much as I was crying. My right leg was fine, but my left ankle was kaput!  ... Incredible excruciating pain.

The camp caretaker said I would have been going around 30 miles an hour (50kms) down that cable. He asked where the "stop rope" was.  Looking over, he saw where I had carefully tied the rope back out of the way, before Sonja and I had climbed the bank.

Oh... Ok. So that makes sense. "Doh."

The next 30 minutes or so was very unclear and I can't really remember anything about the rest of the afternoon, except being taken back home later that evening. I guess I was in a bit of shock. It was unclear whether the injury was a sprain or a break. Our pastor and his wife had come out to the camp to make sure everyone was settled in and to give a Bible lesson. They were heading back later that evening, so I would go back with them. In the meantime, some of the older boys in the youth group made a make-shift crutch for me, of which I was very grateful. That was very thoughtful and kind. The injury was bandaged and I was loaded up with Panadol. That was the end of camp for Bronny. Later that evening, I was assisted into the back seat of the pastor's big orange P76 Leyland and we headed out of the Kaimai Ranges and down the mountain towards home.

I was in a lot of pain. I couldn't put my leg up on the seat because the bumping of the car hurt too much and I certainly couldn't leave it down on the floor of the back seat. I still had the make-do crutch which was made out of a 3" diameter branch, so slid this under the back of my knee which gave my foot enough elevation off the floor. My leg just swung there off the floor for the rest of the 1 hour trip home. It would have been an ordeal if I didn't have this crutch under my thigh near the knee. It was late by the time we got back to our small town of around 15,000 people. We would go to emergency clinic the next day which was in the town's medical centre. I would be fine holding out until then.


The next day at the doctor's (Saturday), an Xray was taken and bingo! - Indeed there was a fracture to the fibula. That's the smaller bone on the outside of the ankle. Very fortunately and amazingly, it wasn't a complete break. It was a "spiral fracture" - a big crack which spiralled up the bone for an inch or two. Fascinating stuff. I was really lucky. Things could have been a lot worse. I must have had really tough bones. My ankle had puffed up like souffle. It wouldn't be plastered until the swelling had gone down. There was nothing to be done... rest, elevation and Panadol. I would go back to the clinic on Monday to get it plastered up. I traded in my 3" diameter tree branch for a nice pair of hospital crutches. It was much easier going then.

The image below is very much like my Xray of December 1977. You'll see the fractures on the left, on the thinner bone. I just had one fracture which spiralled around the bone.

Image  - "Ouch" !!!

At that time in my life, I was an avid believer. I had become a Christian a few months before my 13th birthday, therefore, I had been a Christian for 4-and-a-bit years. I had been full-immersion water baptised (of my own choice) when I was aged 14. Me and my mother never missed our Sunday services at our rockin' Baptist church - "charismatic"/Pentecostal. We used to go to morning and evening services. At the age of 16, I was a church musician up the front (I had learned how to play the flute at school) and had a strong singing voice, because of all the music and singing I was engaged with at school. I had a real love of and connection with music. Everybody in the church knew me... I was a bit of a "celebrity".

That Sunday morning, i'm pretty sure my Mum and I didn't attend church. Our church services could be pretty long but really good, starting at 10am and often not finishing until after 12:30pm. After cups of tea and a biscuit, you could expect to be home for lunch by 1:30pm. We decided to go to the evening service though since there was a "guest speaker"  ... a "hell-fire and brimstone" preacher over from Tauranga. It promised to be a good service. Mum might have even mentioned to me that there was a chance that "the Lord" could heal my leg. I wasn't holding out for it... but you never know, right?

The following video is very much like the vibe in my old church as a teenager... Lots of loud music and wonderful singing. You had such an uplifted feeling after going to church. We didn't have such a great music worship leader as this woman... and we were all white folks and lots of burly NZ farmers... but you get the idea  😊

Playlist: Oh Give thanks

Published on Apr 17, 2009
Festival of Life (FOL) choir, Toronto, Canada.  Please also check out the following link: October 2014 FOL worship service with Chevelle Franklyn - What a wonderful worship leader. Get some of this under your skin. If you've never been to a black or pentecostal church before, get ready to have your sox blown off...  Quite wonderful. Exceptional. The beauty and power of this music is indeed worthy of our Creator. This is very much the vibe of the church I used to attend in my teenage years... wonderful years. I loved being in this vibration every Sunday - twice on Sunday!  😊
_ _ _

And here I come... Sunday night... Left ankle bandaged up by the nurses in the Emergency clinic, my Mum coming in after me carrying my Bible and handbag, two crutches under my arms, and trying to not bump my toes on the ground... Very, very painful. That's how I hobbled into the church that night in December 1977 ... a very sorry state indeed.

It was a very "robust" evangelistic service. The visiting "hell fire and brimstone" preacher was "on fire". At the end of the service, as was normal in our church, the preacher gave "the invitation". That's the part of the service where you get the opportunity to go up the front to make a public delaration of 'receiving the Lord' or to be prayed for, for whatever reason - heart ache, life ache, physical healing...

Video - Kryon about healing.

I already knew I was going up the front...  But first I decided to have a little 'talk to God'. I just sat there with my eyes closed.  [See 31:44 on this Greg Braden's March 2015 video, also embedded below.] Singing (like on the FOL videos) was going on all around me, echoing around the brick-walled building #SoundResonance. There were around 200 people in the building - it was a pretty big service for our small country town. Everyone had come from far and wide to hear the visiting preacher. There were a lot of people in the congregation who were first-timers, brought to the service by friends and neighbours.

I sat there with all this worship "going off" all around me. It was as though everything had stilled and there was just me and God sitting there, in the eye of a storm.

Perfect peace.

I sent a little prayer up to God... I said to God, "I know you are big. I know you are huge! I know you can do anything!  You wouldn't be God if there was anything impossible for you. There is nothing impossible with you. Well - I have something really important I want to do for you. You know it's really important to me that I go and do your work - that "beach mission" in 2 weeks' time. I want to go and teach all the children at the beach mission about your love. [I'd also gone the previous year.] They need to know, and I need to be there. So: need to be healed - I want to be healed and I know you can do it - easily! This is non-negotiable. So, i'm not giving you an option actually. You are big and huge and infinite. There is nothing too difficult for you. You are God, like the Bible says, and you can do anything... So there are no options. You are going to heal me."

Oh yes !! I did !!  😅😅  That's how I talked to God that night. I gave no other options. No "ifs" or "buts". It was healing that I wanted - Full stop. That's all there was to it. That was it. That's what was going to happen. I had determined it. I would be walking out that night, healed !!

As I continued to sit there knowing full-well what was going to happen, but without a clue of how it was going to happen, a visualization came into my mind... It just "came in". I knew it wasn't my own "mind" making something up. This felt different. It was like I was watching a movie that came from outside of myself. My own brain was not creating the images. I just sat back, relaxed, watched, saw what I saw and did what I was told to do. I asked a question at the end and a voice (non-audible - more like a thought) talked back to me. That was just before I stood up without my crutches !!   😯 😯 😯

Any of us can do this, by the way... Any of us... right NOW!

If you need healing on any level, open up to it now. Don't beg God... you know how this goes down when your young child comes whinging and whining to you for what he or she needs, or would like. Nope! You don't need to do any fawning with God. Just say it straight out - and if it is Creator's will, it will happen.

It IS happening... right now... in this NOW moment as you are reading these words. Feel it in your body... allow the sensations and thoughts to flow. Creator is talking to you right now. Recognize the greatness and infathomability of Creator. We cannot understand Creator. Right now in this moment, simply allow "the possibility to be healed" to come into your life... right now as you are reading this. Close your eyes and Be Healed! - right now!
_ _ _

As I sat there in church, back in 1977, the "movie" in my mind's eye was of a very small little golden-glowing hand coming in from the right of my line of vision. It was a golden hand against a dark background. The hand was holding a little golden-glowing plastering trowel - one of those diamond-shaped ones that tradesmen use. It was clean and shiny, small and perfect. There was a white blob of something on the end. I asked what the "blob" was and the voice in my head said it was "special bone-plaster". I could see it was very creamy-white and very pure, like porcelain, like fine china clay. I had absolutely no reason to doubt what I was seeing and hearing in my mind's eye and ear.

The little golden hand with the golden-glowing trowel with the special "bone plaster" on the end "floated" towards my fractured bone in my mind's eye. Yes! - I was now seeing the break in my bone as well !!  I was looking inside of me!  😯  The golden-shining hand then pushed the special bone plaster into the crack with the flat of the trowel. It carefully pushed and pushed the plaster into the crack, on every side of the fracture. Eventually, all of the crack had been entirely filled - no air bubbles anywhere. The plaster was pushed into the spiral crack very firmly and smoothed off to a nice finish. To my mind's eye, the bone looked as good as new.

knew the healing was done. I had no shadow of a doubt.

I had already been taught in church that it's very important to say "Thank you" to God for the things we receive, and that's the first thing I did after the little hand and trowel dissappeared from my view. All that was sitting there in my mind's eye was the perfect, smooth bone. With gratitude in my heart, I received the healing fully into my body as a 'knowing'. I was glowing, i'm sure...

I then had one last question... "Can I get up now?"
The voice in my head (which sounded like a thought) said, "No. Not yet. Just wait a few minutes for the bone plaster to harden."

These were the days before white "composite" filling material for our teeth. We all used to have those silver-mercury fillings. So I knew nothing about such composite materials being used as fillers and how you often have to wait a little while or use special frequencies of light directly on the material, for it to harden. This instruction was not my own mind speaking to me... I never knew about such things. The instruction was from my Healer.

I felt like i'd waited long enough... 1-2 minutes maybe. The singing was still going on around me. I was now out of my deep meditation and was "back in the room" as it were. I asked once more:

"Can I stand up now?"
The answer was: "Yes".

I stood up. My mother had a little smile on her face and said, "I'll just get your crutches". I don't think she'd noticed that I was standing on both of my feet. She leaned down to get the crutches out from under our seats.  I said:

"It's ok. I don't need the crutches. I've been healed".

In my "logical" brain side (which I wasn't even talking to at all, at that point. I was totally ignoring it), I actually didn't know for sure if I was healed or not. I just knew I had to "go forth in faith" as we were taught in church, and that having the faith to walk without crutches was a sign to Creator that i'd fully embraced the healing.

I squeezed past my Mum's knees and walked at a "normal" purposeful pace to the end of our row of chairs. I then turned and walked up the aisle to where the preacher was making 'the invitation'. I was making no allowances at all for the fracture - no favoring, no hobbling. I just walked as normal. I instinctively knew this was all a part of receiving the healing.

As I got half-way up the aisle which was a good 60 foot long (20 metres), the reality of the healing hit me. It was then that I cognitively realized that I was walking with no pain. I began bawling my eyes out. God had touched my life in the most tangible way possible - I was shown the intangiblity of this seemingly solid world. That moment of knowing would change my life forever. I got to the front of the church and the preacher's face burst into full beam. He grabbed my two hands and held them in the air with his, and began to thank God for the healing.

It was around then that everybody in the church realized what had happened !! As you can imagine, the church exploded !! This was a miracle. I had been healed! Instantaneously, in under 10 minutes from when I first prayed. No fakes here.

There were lots of tears amongst us all. How can you get your head around such a thing? There were lots of shouts of "Hallelujah" and "Praise you God" - and then lots of people started coming up the front... lots!  There were about six people gave their lives to God that night, and many, many more people were coming up to receive prayer and healing. It was quite something. The service went on until around 10pm (7:30pm start) with people mingling and bringing their cups of tea into the church and sitting, praying and watching while the last of the people were being prayed for by the preacher and the deacons in our church. Quite something.

There was laughing and crying, hugs and conversations with probably nearly everyone in the congregation... There were smiles and surprises on their faces, and even a few people asking me "Is this real? Was your bone actually broken before? Is this actually a miracle?" I said yes, of course, and offered to show them the Xray. I left the church that night in a cloud of amazement and gratitude. I was carrying my crutches. No pain... And I was off to "beach mission".


It was quite something...

Please contact me if you need healing or a reading.
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Please watch the following video presentation by Greg Braden, Milan Italy, 2009. 

That's 32 years after I received my healing in exactly the way that Greg describes, according to ancient texts of the 2nd century CE.

Video: How To Pray In Power - Gregg Braden

Published by Geir Amdal on Apr 7, 2015
How to pray or ask God In The Most Correct Way.... Directly From The Orginal Text Of The Bible Before The Christian Curch Changed It. 

Video: Gregg Braden Suppressed Lost Prayers

Published by Gregg Braden Fan on Mar 3, 2015

In this show Gregg Braden, asks WHO suppressed the lost mode of prayer, and why. Given that the it's so powerful, is it possible that somebody hid it intentionally and has kept it for themselves--and used it - for all of these generations?

Bookmark this page. 

If you need a healing or reading in the future, you'll remember where to go. Thanks.

9 September 2017

Music and Chanting: Come into resonance #UnityField

One way to "get resonant" is by listening to mantra, singing with kirtan, eg: Krisna Mantra or by chanting Buddist mantra "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo" or "Om Mani Padme Hum" for example. I chanted Nam Myoho Renge Kyo for four years (2004-2008) and the resonance went off the chart. This showed up in a definite increase in coincidences synchronicities. In 2008 I was introduced to the movie "What the Bleep do we know"  and took part in an in-home study group. I then understood what was happening when I chanted "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo" #ResonantField #QuantumField 

Meaning of "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo"

So, when we chant mantra or sing kirtan, stotra or bhajan, it's less about "religion" and more about bringing our physicality, awareness, our vibrational field (aura, chakras) and "Eternal Being" (death is part of the illusion) into alignment with Supreme Oneness... Often mistaken for "God" (which is man's little boxed up version of Infinite Consciousness), which is in all that exists !!

Morning Gongyo - Very Fast with 30 minutes Daimoku

Published by Greg Spero on Nov 7, 2014
Do this chanting meditation every morning and it will help you bring out your greatest potential.

Listen to this video above. It will sound strange to your ear at the start. Please persevere... As an experiment, chant "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo" three times every day (morning and night if you want to) with your palms together in front of you in "prayer position". This is called "Sancho" (3x recitation). That's where you start in this practice... and even with that, it's very likely that you will see an explosion of synchronicities starting to come around your life. This video demonstrates very fast Daimoku which is a recitation of two excerpts from the Lotus Sutra (a book) followed by the practice of the mantra. This practice was founded by Japanese Buddhist monk Nichiren Daishonin on April 28, 1253 when he carved the gohonzon.  He says is best to recite the mantra very fast and energetic - "Like a galloping horse."  On the gohonzon are the symbols that Nichiren was given to inscribe, based on his discovery that the Lotus Sutra held the "Mystic Law" as he called it.

The practice was revived in this form, as espoused by Nichiren Daishonin, during the 1930s - by a group of educators in Japan who didn't like the militant style of education that existed in Japan at the time. They were conscientious objectors of WW2. The founder Mr Makiguchi died because of abuses and starvation in a Japanese prison. Mr Toda left his prison existence at the end of WW2 in a highly emaciated state, but he continued steadfastly after the war to teach Nichiren's discoveries - the mysteries of chanting "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo". They formed the "Value Creation Society" in Japan which is now in 168 countries and territories, in Japanese called "Soka Gakkai". The organisation "Saka Gakkai International" (SGI) now has some 15,000,000 people chanting all around the world every day, for world peace and alignment of one's own personal life to "the environment" and all that is.

Buddhists in most branches of the philosophy don't acknowledge a deity as such... They seek the emergence of their own Buddha Nature which then becomes the solution to all ills and evils in the world... and this is true. This is also the point where I came a little unglued (personally) with the Buddhist philosophy, as I do have awareness of The [definite article] Consciousness that is benevolent, non-judgemental and non-interfering, who I usually simply call "Creator". Aside from all that, I hugely recommend this chanting practice to everybody who reads this post. Your practice will definitely inform your study of how the  Resonance Field works... It's very amazing! There will be a Soka Gakkai group meeting near you. Home meetings are held all over the world.

USA meetings > https://www.sgi-usa.org/find-us/

UK meetings > http://www.sgi-uk.org/about-us/find-local-meeting

Look for your own local website by using "SGI" and your own country's name in your Search engine.

Watch the What the Bleep do we know? soon. This video often gets taken down...


8 September 2017

Change the Resonance Field around you

Sing, dance...

Note:  "Krsna" = "Christ energy".  It's all the same thing...

Give thanks and send joy out into the Universe... That's all that really matters  😇

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Hare Rama Hare Krishna |108 Times Chanting of Maha Mantra

Published on Mar 2, 2014 by Gurumaa Ashram

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna,
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare 
Hare Rama Hare Rama, 
Rama Rama Hare Hare 

Symbolising as well as paying homage to the pulsating, omnipotent, all-pervasive supreme consciousness dwelling in each and every particle of the universe and beyond, this mantra, commonly and endearingly called the Mahamantra is a wonderful way to connect to our inner divinity. The featured video presents 108 times chanting of this Mahamantra in the mesmerising voice of mystic master Anandmurti Gurumaa. Lifting us up from the realm of mere sensual gratification, this chant energises and rejuvenates, charging us with its potent vibrations. 

► Buy from iTunes: http://goo.gl/55SXIA

6 September 2017

David Wilcock: 4th density - 444, 4:44. Are you seeing this?


I'm starting to see "444"s. Are you? Please reply in comments... 

The following was originally posted on my Facebook Timeline -

It's the second time i've seen triple 4s in this last week. The first time it was on my clock, 4:44. I've been seeing 11:11s and 1:11s for years. I heard a presentation last week from around 2013 (??) that stated we are not ready for the 44 energies yet. I think it was a channelling from Kryon... I'll try to find it.

Here's another weird 1:11 synchronicity I had 2 hours after I made this post. See the number of minutes and seconds I ("Ninja99") have left to finish my game >> 1:11 >> There is NO WAY you can manipulate anything for this outcome. It wasn't me who finished the game... My opponent ran out of time - in the red "0:00".  As well... look how many tiles were left remaining  😲 😲 😲  11  !!!!  

As Kate of Gaia and others say, "You can't make this shit up."  


Note:  The game was very fast - 3 minutes a side. That's why the words on this board are not exactly "breath-takers"  😉

My point is: 11s are everywhere.

So maybe 3-4 years later, we are ready for the 44 energy?? Interesting stuff :)

Update: 22 hours after posting my original Scrabble screenshot >> And this morning (more synchronicities) I am right now listening to this free video of David Wilcock on Gaia.com that was published recently. At 9:00  David Wilcock says "... and now here on Earth, we're beginning to have 4th density photons coming in, since 1936." And then he said, which I find very, very interesting... 

"4th density photons are very interesting 
because those are the photons that allow 
thoughts to become things."

#ScienceOfImagery as taught by Anastasia in the "Ringing Cedars of Russia".

Note:  Did you notice another "Master Number" above? >> "Update: 22 hours after..." More confirmations through synchronicity.

As well, the number "9" (as seen in the counter on the video 9:00) is that of completions.  I would interpret this as: "Global completions" - the end of the Piscean Age that has held us all as (debt) slaves under Rome for the last 2000 years...  Ie: The age of the Dagon (fish hat- Papacy) priesthood has just ended !! *Past tense*  This just needs to manifest out now on the material plane. I wonder what we're going to see next? - arrests of that pedophile Jorge Bergoglio and his fellow priests and cardinals?  

... But I can assure you.  It is done now already in the etheric (quantum field) plane  - "On earth as it is in heaven..."  It is over! #TheTyranny

Here's the pertinent quote on the Zero Hedge article published on August 8, 2017 about Jorge Bergoglio above: 
"Pope Francis is now the third Paedophile Pope who has presided over the Church’s Great Sex and Embezzlement Scandal. Neither Francis, or his two derelict predecessors (Benedict XVI, JPII) have done anything to either punish or root out the child predators under their charge. On the contrary, Francis has encouraged perversion with his now infamous statement of “who am I to judge.”

Additionally:  Please see these articles on my other blog "Co-creating Our New Earth" that shows you how we receive messages from the hologram - which is our mind-created world in which we live: MessagesFromTheHologram  #ScienceOfImagery 

My first "444" incident happened within the last week on my PC clock - 4:44.
Here's my second 444 manifestation.

The source of the image above "444" is another one of my blogs "Apollonius of Tyana" ... and "No", I wasn't waiting for the numbers to click over. They just "appeared" when I clicked onto the site.

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David Wilcock is said to be the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. If you're on the "Blog" tab, you'll be able to compare this photo to the image of Edgar Cayce below this article. There is an indisputable likeness.


Join David Wilcock in the first episode of Wisdom Teachings as he continues his poignant discussion of quantum biology and our universal energetic connection. Uncover the full series and learn how you can raise your own state of evolution to become one with the universal mind.  - Gaia.com