21 September 2017

Our body's cells are healing all the time

Your Cells Are Listening: How Talking To Your Body Can Help You Heal

"I have the ability to transcend even the darkest moments and predictions of what others believe about my body. We were put on this earth to transcend. Every cell in our body is constantly healing itself."  - Gregg Braden

I Can Do It! ~ Gregg Braden

August 14, 2013

Cell Biologist Bruce Lipton and Earth Scientist Gregg Braden combine their 70+ years of collective experience to bring you the exciting new discoveries, extraordinary implications, and profound meanings that change the way we've been led to think of ourselves in the past. This dynamic and entertaining duo reveals that the key to creating a better life and a thriving world lies in understanding Nature's fractal patterns. These patterns hold the key to life-affirming shifts that we can apply in our personal lives, as well as in the lives of our families, communities, and nations as we collectively face our evolution.

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