6 September 2017

David Wilcock: 4th density - 444, 4:44. Are you seeing this?


I'm starting to see "444"s. Are you? Please reply in comments... 

The following was originally posted on my Facebook Timeline -

It's the second time i've seen triple 4s in this last week. The first time it was on my clock, 4:44. I've been seeing 11:11s and 1:11s for years. I heard a presentation last week from around 2013 (??) that stated we are not ready for the 44 energies yet. I think it was a channelling from Kryon... I'll try to find it.

Here's another weird 1:11 synchronicity I had 2 hours after I made this post. See the number of minutes and seconds I ("Ninja99") have left to finish my game >> 1:11 >> There is NO WAY you can manipulate anything for this outcome. It wasn't me who finished the game... My opponent ran out of time - in the red "0:00".  As well... look how many tiles were left remaining  😲 😲 😲  11  !!!!  

As Kate of Gaia and others say, "You can't make this shit up."  


Note:  The game was very fast - 3 minutes a side. That's why the words on this board are not exactly "breath-takers"  😉

My point is: 11s are everywhere.

So maybe 3-4 years later, we are ready for the 44 energy?? Interesting stuff :)

Update: 22 hours after posting my original Scrabble screenshot >> And this morning (more synchronicities) I am right now listening to this free video of David Wilcock on Gaia.com that was published recently. At 9:00  David Wilcock says "... and now here on Earth, we're beginning to have 4th density photons coming in, since 1936." And then he said, which I find very, very interesting... 

"4th density photons are very interesting 
because those are the photons that allow 
thoughts to become things."

#ScienceOfImagery as taught by Anastasia in the "Ringing Cedars of Russia".

Note:  Did you notice another "Master Number" above? >> "Update: 22 hours after..." More confirmations through synchronicity.

As well, the number "9" (as seen in the counter on the video 9:00) is that of completions.  I would interpret this as: "Global completions" - the end of the Piscean Age that has held us all as (debt) slaves under Rome for the last 2000 years...  Ie: The age of the Dagon (fish hat- Papacy) priesthood has just ended !! *Past tense*  This just needs to manifest out now on the material plane. I wonder what we're going to see next? - arrests of that pedophile Jorge Bergoglio and his fellow priests and cardinals?  

... But I can assure you.  It is done now already in the etheric (quantum field) plane  - "On earth as it is in heaven..."  It is over! #TheTyranny

Here's the pertinent quote on the Zero Hedge article published on August 8, 2017 about Jorge Bergoglio above: 
"Pope Francis is now the third Paedophile Pope who has presided over the Church’s Great Sex and Embezzlement Scandal. Neither Francis, or his two derelict predecessors (Benedict XVI, JPII) have done anything to either punish or root out the child predators under their charge. On the contrary, Francis has encouraged perversion with his now infamous statement of “who am I to judge.”

Additionally:  Please see these articles on my other blog "Co-creating Our New Earth" that shows you how we receive messages from the hologram - which is our mind-created world in which we live: MessagesFromTheHologram  #ScienceOfImagery 

My first "444" incident happened within the last week on my PC clock - 4:44.
Here's my second 444 manifestation.

The source of the image above "444" is another one of my blogs "Apollonius of Tyana" ... and "No", I wasn't waiting for the numbers to click over. They just "appeared" when I clicked onto the site.

#444  #FourFourFour  #HumanitysShift  #TheShift  #Awakening  #Consciousness

David Wilcock is said to be the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. If you're on the "Blog" tab, you'll be able to compare this photo to the image of Edgar Cayce below this article. There is an indisputable likeness.


Join David Wilcock in the first episode of Wisdom Teachings as he continues his poignant discussion of quantum biology and our universal energetic connection. Uncover the full series and learn how you can raise your own state of evolution to become one with the universal mind.  - Gaia.com

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